Zulu Cultural Village

Prices From: R1 400.00 pp

Zulu Cultural Village

Prices From: R1 400.00 pp
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What is a Zulu Cultural Village

A zulu cultural village tour in South Africa is the best way to experience the spirit of the Zulu nation. King Shaka was a very famous Zulu King, who reigned from 1818-1828. Shaka Zulu was known as the progenitor of the Zulu royal lineage. Go back in time, approximately 300 years ago. During this time travel you will see how the Zulu nation lived, how their homes were built, the weapons used in war, the clothes they wore and many more interesting facts. Beadwork plays an important role in African groups. The beads represent a person’s social status however it can also be used to convey messages. Watch the process of how Zulu beer is made. And you also have the opportunity to taste the final product. Learn a few Zulu words whilst you’re at it. The people, their traditions and culture is a highlight when visiting any country.

There are two Zulu cultural tours in the Zululand area, Shakaland Zulu Cultural Village and DumaZulu Traditional Cultural Village.

Each offers you a unique visit, especially in the way they are set up and their location.

The cultural shows are performed daily at 08:15 and 15:15. The 11:00 show is followed by a traditional cooked Zulu lunch.

These cultural tours offer you the experience to feel the beat of the drums and see the rhythm of the Zulu nation as they perform their traditional dance. Seize the moment and practice your Zulu dancing with these professionals.

The cultural tour has a resident sangoma (traditional healer) is readily available to help you resolve any personal problem or illness. And should you require any muti (traditional medicine) the inyanga (medicine man) is readily available to help you. Shakaland and DumaZulu offer accommodation and have a restaurant on their premises.

Either of these tours is a must for an authentic Zulu experience.

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