What is winter like in Hluhluwe Game Reserve?

Published On: Jul, 2022

5 Reasons why you have to visit Hluhluwe Game Reserve in winter.

I would say winter is the best time to go on a safari in this natural gem. Let me explain this as it is not well-known. Here are my 5 reasons.

Under African Skies Winter In Hluhluwe Game Reserve 1

1. Sunrise and sunsets are unforgettable. The amazing colours of the sunrise and sunset in Hluhluwe Imfolozi Game Reserve will forever be etched in your memory. They are spectacular shades of red, orange, and yellow.

Sunset Over Hluhluwe National PArk
Surise 1024x768

  1. Temperatures are usually mild with clear skies. With these moderate temperatures, you could opt to drive around from dawn ‘til dusk. Make sure to pack a picnic basket and refreshments.

Zebra With Blue Sky 1
Wilderness Trail View Point 1

3. Water is scarce in winter so animals tend to congregate at waterholes.  The rivers are almost dried up so you never know which animals could be lazing in the riverbed warming up in the winter sun. You may even see lions trying to get easy prey.  It’s quite relaxing as well as entertaining to sit in a hide and watch the various animals come and go as the day passes.

Lion Hunting 1
Animals In Imfolozi River Bed

4. These cooler months in Imfolozi Game Reserve are also a great time to go on a wilderness trail.  Can you imagine being in the middle of “nowhere” with no air, noise, or light pollution? This is definitely a treat for your body and mind and a recharge for your soul. On these hikes, you experience nature at her best. And you get to go back to basics, like taking a shower in the open air. I quite enjoy this experience. I highly recommend a wilderness trail for any nature enthusiast. 

Shower Under A Tree In Hluhluwe Imfolozi Game REserve
Wilderness Hike Imfolozi River Crossing 1024x768

5. Winter is the best time for photos and videos. However, occasional showers can be experienced from time to time. These are short. Which gives incredible photos after the rain, as the dust in the sky is gone.

IMG 20200822 164650 1024x691
Woodpecker In Imfolozi Game Reserve 2
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