Is Hluhluwe Game Reserve on your list of Entertainment?

Published On: Jun, 2022

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Have you ever considered the Hluhluwe Game Reserve as an outing when family visits from out of town?

My favourite activity for visitors is to show off our Big 5 game reserve. So a visit to Hluhluwe National Park is definitely on my list for entertaining my family. My favourite aunt and uncle from Gauteng graced us with their presence and I spoilt them with a day trip to Imfolozi Game Reserve.  Like me, my family are nature enthusiasts so a safari is always enjoyed. 

It was a cold day in Zululand. All I needed was a hot mug of coffee. 

Everyone was in high spirits, dressed warmly, and looking forward to an amazing game drive. With my family, safaris are leisurely and slower than usual as a whole lot of catching up, laughter, and reconnecting happens at every stop. We traveled in a few vehicles and had to swap passengers around so that everyone got a chance to travel in the Under African Skies safari bus. My family still finds my stories and knowledge very interesting. Even with family the nature guide in me naturally comes out. Telling them about why an animal is behaving in a certain way or what the markings on the ground mean. We even talk about the different types of animal poop. As usual, each person has a favourite animal so I gave a fact or two to wow them. Not all my facts are found on google. Everyone had a chance to show off their knowledge of animals, as they’re always watching the wildlife channels. 

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Rhino Long Horn And Baby 1024x681
Fluffy Baby Zebra And Mum 1024x681

Close to our first picnic spot, we were greeted by a rhino lazing around in the morning sun.  As we sipped our warm drinks we had zebra and impala watching over us. This stop was more like a photo shoot stop. Gotta love family. 

With the keen animal spotters on the safari bus, everyone wanted to be the spotter of the day. The spotter’s sightings included; a unicorn-looking rhino. I say this because her horn is almost straight. Her baby enjoyed the rubbing post. A fluffy little baby zebra with its mum. It was the first time we saw a tiny baby terrapin. We watched a kingfisher fish for his lunch. An impala with an upside-down horn and as we were driving to the exit gate we suddenly encountered the largest mammal in the world, a cheeky bull elephant. He walked towards one of our cars and then veered off down the road. 

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Impala With An Upside Down Horn 1024x768

Our family safari ended with us watching a beautiful sunset over the Imfolozi River.

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